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Roofing Felt

Polyester Green Mineral Felt

£69.99 per 21Mtr Roll

£  4.99 per Mtr

  • Non-Rip Polyester Carrier offers longevity which is comparable to top sheet felt in terms of life but offers increased flexibility and no cracking will occur even in colder conditions when installing.

  • 10-15Yr Life Expectancy

  • 2.5Kg/sqm - 21m x 1m approx 50kg/Roll

  • Manufactured under very strict quality control measures. Each individual roll is weighed and human inspection is carried out every 30 mins during production.

  • Quality asphalt mineral finish to upper surface, sand finish to under surface.

  • Oxidised Bitumen

  • Fixing - Clout Nails and/or Bitumen Sealant.

  • Available in green 


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