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Fencing Brackets

Panel Clips
Easy Fix Clip

New! easyfix fencing Clips


£ 1.00   (52mm)

exe vat £0.83

£ 1.00   (47mm)

exe vat £0.83

£ 1.00   (32mm)

exe vat £0.83

Fencing Clips


£ 0.70   (40mm)

exe vat £0.58

£ 0.70   (45mm)

exe vat £0.58

Arris rail brackets.

Arris Repair Brackets (For connecting arris rails to timber posts)


£ 1.30 Galv

£ 2.50 Brown


We recommend using screws for fixing this product.


Handed Arris Brackets


£ 4.14 Per pair

exe vat £3.45


We recommend using screws for fixing this product.

Mortice Adaptors (For connecting arris rail to mortice posts.) 


£ 3.20

exe vat £2.67


We recommend using screws for fixing this product.

timber gb clip

Gravel Board Clips (For connecting 1" gravel boards to timber posts.) 


£ 2.07

exe vat £1.73



conc gb clip


£ 2.64  (  6")

exe vat £2.20

£ 3.36  (12")

exe vat £2.80




Gravel Board Clips (For connecting 2" concrete or timber gravel boards to timber posts.) 

Trellis extension arms
Concrete post extender


Add extra height to existing fencing with our new trellis extension arms!

The corrosion proof galvanised channels slide down the 2” wide slot of slotted concrete posts and over the existing fence panel in the slot to give firm support to extra trellis (or fence panels) above your existing fencing. Pre-punched holes allow for nail or screw fixing as required.

Two lengths are available, 500mm long for adding 1 to 2 ft extra height and 795mm for adding 1 to 3 ft extra height.

Sold in pairs. May be used with wooden posts.

500mm For 30cm-60cm (1ft-2ft) Trellis

£ 7.50 Pair OUT OF STOCK!!

exe vat £6.25

795mm For 60cm-90cm (2ft-3ft) Trellis

£13.00 Pair 

exe vat £10.83




Trellis Extension Arms (For connecting Trellis to Timber or Concrete Slotted Posts.) 

Concrete fence post extender
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