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Contemporary Fencing

contempoary trellis close up.jpg
Pressure treated fencing

Our contemporary slatted trellis panels can be used to introduce a modern clean style to screen or fence your garden or outside space in a modern theme. Our system of manufacture allows almost any area to be covered. We use pressure treated dense-grained Scandinavian Redwood smoothed timber, finished in a light brown colour, which is a great alternative to western red cedar!

Contemporary Panels
Contemporary Trellis Hadley Wood
Contemporary Gate made to measure
22mm x 70mm Contemporary Fencing.
22mm x 70mm Contemporary Fencing.
Contemporary fencing panels to size
Contemporary thickness
Slatted fence panels
Western red cedar alternative
Western red cedar looking panels
Cedar fencing made from pine
Slatted pine fencing
Cheap Cedar fencing alternative
Cheap alternative to cedar fencing
Budget Cedar fencing from pine
Contemporary slats look like Cedar
Cheap slatted fencing in 3 days
Contemporary fence Standon
Contemporary fencing not Cedar
Contemporary pergola panels
Moderna cedar fencing alternative
Slatted cedar look fencing panels
Made to measure slatted fencing

Contemporary Panels / Slatted Trellis / Made to order usually within 1 week.

1.80m x 1.8m  £124.99

1.80m x 1.5m  £112.49

1.80m x 1.2m  £93.74

1.83m x 0.9m  £68.74

1.83m x 0.6m  £49.99

1.83m x 0.3m  £31.24

Contemporary fencing slats
Slatted Fencing
contemporary trellis cedar looking
22mm x 70mm Slatted Panels
22mm x 70mm Contemporary
fencing slat
Contemporary panels not cedar
Contemporary fencing with cedar look
Contemporary fencing cheap
Cheap cedar alternative slats

Contemporary Fencing Slats 

3.6m 22mm x 45mm        £ 6.90

(Approx 12')

3.6m 22mm x 70mm        £ 9.75

(Approx 12')

3.6m 22mm x 95mm        £11.16

(Approx 12')

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