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sovereign 5ltr

Bird Brand Shed & Fence one coat protection 5ltr

Can be spray, roller or brush applied!, Safe around pets and plants, Water repellent after 1 hour. Touch dry in 25 minutes, It’s oxide pigments mean it can cover previous treatment (final colour may appear darker and need 2 coats), Won’t crack or peel and can be applied over creosote and other treatments, Can be applied on smooth timbers (if used lightly and with several coats) , It’s One coat coverage means that one 5 Litre bucket can treat 7 fence panels of 6’ x 6’ size.

All Colours  £9.99 each


Bird Brand Outdoors 1ltr

Bird Brand OUTDOORS is a perfect satin acrylic coating that transforms any garden or outdoor space. From a garden building to fencing, it is also tough enough for decking and not only for timber!  It is so multi-purpose it can be used on metal garden benches and furniture as well as terracotta and stone. PVC cladded metal bike huts and storage sheds can also be transformed quickly and easily! Bird Brand OUTDOORS covers contrasting colours really easily, plus  being quick drying in only 20 minutes it also is safe and non-toxic.

All Colours  £12.50 each


Bird Brand Ecosote 4ltr

Bird Brand Ecosote® is an eco-friendly wood preserver for exterior timbers, whilst giving an attractive matt finish, Ecosote® also contains an active ingredient to preserve and protect the timber from fungal attack, green algae growth and decay. Ecosote® is a registered HSE approved wood preserver and surface biocide. Ecosote® removes green algae without the need for a pre-treatment/fungicidal wash although it is water-based it penetrates timber just like a solvent-based wood preservative. Ecosote® is a non-hazardous and has a pleasant disinfectant odour. Its more fade resistant than Creocote products and ideal for rough sawn timbers where it can soak into the grain. It can be used on sheds, fences and timber products where Creosote like finish and more importantly a preservative is required. Can be spray/dipped or brush applied. Coverage: 4m2 per litre.

All Colours  £9.99 each


Bird Brand Complete Wood Protector 5ltr

Complete Wood PROTECTOR is a solvent-based wood treatment that protects external timbers using a similar formulation to our first generation of the Bird Brand Complete Wood Preserver*.

The finish on rough sawn timber is also identical to the Complete Wood Preservers. The dry film biocide ingredients within Complete Wood PROTECTOR help protect the finish against fungal growth and discolouration. Complete Wood PROTECTOR is Solvent-based for high penetration and also contains UV resisting pigments.

Can be brushed or spray applied.

All Colours  £32.50 each


Bird Brand Black Timber Stain 5ltr

Bird Brand Black Timber Stain provides a rustic and traditional black matt finish.  Particularly it is not intended to dust and fade as much as a Creosote or Bitumen products. It is compatible on over well prepared previously tarred and creosoted surfaces as long as it can soak into porous/sawn timbers. Its Ideally for rough sawn timbers but many report its OK on smooth timber surfaces.

Its ideal for car ports, fencing, sheds and non residential barns. Premium Barn Paint is recommended for residential buildings. On application the gloss finish will turn matt with UV sunlight.

Contains White Spirit.

Coverage 5m2 per litre

Colours available: Black.

All Colours  £32.50 each

sovereign 5ltr

Sovereign 5ltr

For use only as a wood preservative. Specially formulated for pre-treaing all types of soft and hard timber against wood rotting fungi. Designed to give fast drying quality preservative treatment with a light fast colour that can be subsequently painted or stained. Solvent based for use not to be diluted.


Brown   exe vat £27.08  £32.50

Green    exe vat £27.08  £32.50

Clear     exe vat £37.50  £45.00



sovereign 5ltr

Decking Oil 

Rustins Decking Oil is a hard-wearing, water resistant oil that retains the colour of the decking. It contains UV light inhibitors and biocides which protects the oil from mould and algae growth.

  • Solvent based to enhance the grain

  • Apply two coats for durability and water resistance

  • High quality resin enables smooth application

  • Satin finish

  • Gives UV protection

  • Contains biocide to protect from algae/mould

  • Pigment in coloured oil gives better UV protection

   5Ltr  exe vat £33.33  £39.99

2.5Ltr  exe vat £20.83  £24.99

Decking oil

SX70 1ltr

Sovererign SX70 woodstain is a high quality solvent based translucent woodstain suitable for soft and hardwood to give a decorative finish which is tough, durable, flexible and suitable for interior and exterior use.



All Colours  exe vat £16.66  £19.99



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