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Post Spikes & Supports

Aylward's fence post supports are designed to enable putting up timber fencing, decking and also other DIY projects like carports with ease,  We offer a wide range of sizes, along with superior quality clamping system and tougher brown finishing for rust protection.

Post spike

Post Spike (Bolt Type)

Swift Clamp Drive-In Post Supports are suitable for most ground conditions and the wide range of sizes fits all common timber posts. Robust construction ensures they will drive into very hard ground with ease and the effective clamp system holds the post securely in the socket. Suitable for fence posts, decking, pergolas, and carports.

4"x 4"  exe vat £12.75  £15.30

3"x 3"  exe vat £  9.50  £11.40

2"x 2"  exe vat £  6.21  £  7.45

Repair spur (Bolt Type)

This support makes light work of replacing a rotten timber post in a sound concrete base. The repair spur drives between the old timber and the concrete base to provide a secure post support without the need to disturb the concrete base. The effective clamp system ensures the posts are securely held in the socket.

4"x 4"  exe vat £  9.58  £11.50

3"x 3"  exe vat £  9.58  £11.50

Driving Tool (For Spikes & Repair spurs)

This useful tool helps ensure drive in post supports are installed safely and without damage.

exe vat £ 5.42  £ 6.50 OUT OF STOCK

Bolt Down (Standard)

4"x 4"  exe vat £  9.17  £11.00

3"x 3"  exe vat £  7.42  £ 8.90

2"x 2"  exe vat £  6.29  £ 7.55

Our bolt down fence post supports are the ideal solution where drive-in supports cannot be used, such as for securing fence posts to concrete surfaces. Tight for space?  Try our slim plate bolt down post supports below!

Bolt Down (Slim base plate)


4"x 4"  exe vat £  9.17  £11.00

3"x 3"  exe vat £  7.42  £ 8.90


Bolt Down (Strap Type)

This support is specifically designed for securing posts to the top of concrete or brick walls. The effective clamp system holds the post securely in the socket. Suitable for trellis or fencing up to 1.2m high. Note: check structural condition before fixing commences.

3"x 3"  exe vat £  9.48 £11.38

Post Extender

4"x 4"  exe vat £  6.66  £ 8.00

3"x 3"  exe vat £  6.66  £ 8.00

These effective post extension sockets make light work of extending timber posts. Sturdy and simple to install, they will extend 3" or 4" posts up to 4' (1.2m).

Concrete In (Bolt Type)

This support is designed for use where the conditions prevent the use of the drive in post support such as very stoney or loose ground or areas of hard standing. The effective clamp system holds the post securely in the socket. Suitable for fencing, decking and carports.

4"x 4"  exe vat £ 9.58  £11.50

3"x 3"  exe vat £ 9.50  £11.40

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