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OSB 3 Boards

OSB3 Roofing Boards

15mm Oriented Strand Board 8x4  (2.4m x 1.2m)  

15mm OSB3 It is versatile, strong and cost-effective. Manufactured with exterior resins, OSB3 is suitable for both interior and exterior structural applications such as roofing, flooring, wall sheathing and hoarding.


exe vat £31.25  £37.50 Each

OSB3 Offcuts available please call 0208 3672794 (Example 15mm 1.2m x 1m £6.00 inc VAT)

Graded 100mm x 47mm  (4x2) Eased Edged (Treated Green, Kiln Dried)

12'   (3.6m) 47 x 100 C24 exe vat £ 11.50  £13.80

12'   (3.6m) 47 x 150 C24 exe vat £14.99   £17.99



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