Digging Grafter

Digging Grafter

  • Unique 54" tubular steel handle

  • Forged blade

  • Two blade versions



     exe vat £37.49


This digging grafter was designed by a professional fencer: for digging in tough ground conditions, its unique design makes digging these small, deep holes a lot easier!  Ideal for use with a double shovel holer.


Double post hole digger

Double Blade Post Hole Digger

A heavy duty large bladed post hole digger, designed to make digging holes for larger diameter posts quick and easy. 

 £ 39.99      Wooden Handles

exe vat £33.33

 £ 44.99     Fibreglass Handles

exe vat £37.49


Fencing crow bar

Fencing Crow Bar

  • Extra thick heavy duty bar 1 ¼"

  • Solid forged steel with hardened and tempered chisel and points

  • Powder coated black for corrosion protection


   £ 44.99

   exe vat £37.49

fencing chisel bar digging tool

Post hole digging bar


Post hole digging bar. Made from steel at 72″ long x 1″ thick

£ 44.99

exe vat £37.49

All steel shovel sitemate

The All Steel Contractor’s Shovel

  • Forged blade

  • Welded handle

  • Wooden hand grip

  • Robust Quality


   £ 19.99

   exe vat £16.67

Stanley Claw Hammer

Stanley Claw Hammer 16oz

  • Fully-Treated Carbon Steel Head

  • Fiberglass Core

  • Soft-Grip Ergonomic Handle


   £ 14.99

   exe vat £12.49

Irwin Handsaw

Irwin Jack cut 880 20"

  • Blade Length 20"

  • High-quality C75 steel

  • Exclusive tooth grind

  • Cuts Most Building Materials


   £  9.50

   exe vat £7.92

Fence Post level

Post Level

  • 3 Vials measure horizontal and vertically

  • Inner body has 4 magnets, suitable for metal fence posts

  • High impact plastic


   £  4.99

   exe vat £4.16

Retractable Tape Measure

5M tape measure retractable

  • Available in 5m 

  • Handy integrated pocket clip

  • Easy retraction with a press of a button

  • Auto lock


   £  4.99

   exe vat £4.16

Sitemate lock knife

Sitemate Lock knife

  • 10 Replacement Blades





 £  8.50

 exe vat £ 7.08

Plastic contractors bucket 12L

Contractor’s Bucket 

  • Plastic 12L





 £  2.00

 exe vat £1.67

Plastic contractors bucket 12L

ProDec High Quality Paint Brush

  • 4" brush suitable for most wood and timber treatments

  • Mixture of pure and synthetic bristles for the right balance of pick-up and durability

  • Suitable for smooth planed and rough sawn wood


£  6.50

exe vat £5.42



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by The Driver

All steel shovel sitemate